But hey girl, that's ok...

I'm a tomboy with a love for pink, a chick ready to get down and dirty but still at home in complete luxury. I have an edgy, strong-willed heart that's super passionate about the things that matter most.

I'm usually found drinking sweet tea like it's going somewhere, dancing and singing to anything that gets my booty moving, and journaling to decompress.

Most importantly, I love capturing deep things. The feel-good, sob-worthy moments. The ones where feelings and emotions matter more than looks and appearances. I’m for capturing the spontaneous, the carefree, the intentional, quirky babes who choose love everyday.

I'm known for making up lyrics to almost every song. Thinking I know them but truly don't...

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fun things

some fun things i want you to know

Eating ice cream is my workout of choice

ariel is my favorite disney princess

im down to earth but also a little boujie

i Karaoke like no ones business

I don’t have all my crap together. Thankful for Jesus.


We’ve experienced the lowest of lows in our own marriage, and spent many years questioning its purpose. But I’m here to tell you, we’ve been through the fire and have come out victorious time and time again!

You see, we now wholeheartedly believe that marriage is one of the greatest tools used to grow, challenge, and change each of you for the better! The insight, clarity & growth we’ve experienced about ourselves, each other, and most importantly Jesus, has transformed every area of our life through our journey. And I wouldn’t trade an easier past for what we now have. The very design and nature behind the joining of two souls is filled with sooo much intention.

we believe that marriage is really important.

Around here,

We care deeply about the amazing gift of marriage, and are completely honored to be part of such a meaningful beginning.

come check out the experience we offer

this beautiful process starts on your wedding day,

and is something we see as very special.

2020 dates

My bags are packed and I'm ready to come where ever your love has you. These dates are based on bookings & personal trips. It will be updated often so check back!

September | TEXAS

I Don't just third wheel on Kauai, but anywhere your love takes you worldwide.

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